Risky Disko is Philadelphia based DJs Greg D. and Crouse. Their journey began through a friendship that was driven by their love for music. Using classic disco and house music as a framework, the duo takes inspiration from whatever groove suits the mood. Pulling from funk and jazz, to no wave and psychedelic music, these selectors have taken the time to understand how the dance floor has evolved over the years. Both strive for the new and different, no matter how classic or current the period is in which it originated.


In 2012, Risky Disko earned a residency at The Dolphin Tavern where they currently hosts the monthly party, Try It Out. In it's four years, the party has gained momentum and has featured several guest DJs including Juan MacLean, Eric Duncan, Rory Phillips, Sleazy Mcqueen, Joe Goddard, Joakim, Medlar, Moonboots, and Holy Ghost!. In 2013, Risky Disko started a weekly party at Ortlieb’s Bar called The Wet Boogie. This party allows the DJs to dig deeper into their crates, exploring Afro, jazz, bossa, fusion, and experimental music. 2016 is an exciting year with lots to look forward to, including Risky Disko’s first 12” record on their own label. For booking and all other inquiries, contact booking@riskydisko.com


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